Beyond Dubai

Dear friends, you should know that Dubai no longer relies on oil to live but on foreign investments and especially tourism. The solution ? make it big!

Beautiful Sunset in the desert

The tallest towers, the biggest shopping centers, the biggest parks…. You have to come to Dubai to see the incredible 

architecture of the buildings but above all to see how a leader has developed his state to be a world power.

But Dubai is a city which also has many parks, and protected animal reserves, such as that of the pink flamingos for example, or that of the oryx.

Leaving the city, you can admire its great desert (extension of the Sahara on the Arabian Peninsula), take a jeep safari, visit an abandoned village covered by sand, a real adventure!

Then go to Hatta, the oldest village on the border with Oman. Relax on the lake surrounded by majestic mountains, visit the heritage village where you will discover the oldest forts and the houses of the Bedouin of yesteryear.

You can even sleep in a traditional house in the heart of nature, go hiking or even horseback riding.


Abu Dhabi the capital is the cultural city with the Louvre, its museums and the great Sheikh Zayed mosque.

Al Ain is one of the most beautiful and authentic towns, with its forts, its oases, its hot springs, its camel market …

In the oldest emirate, Sharjah, declared capital of culture by Unesco, and the only one to have a coast on the Persian Gulf and a coast on the Arabian Sea, opens the doors to the Islamic world with its particular architecture and its large museum of Islamic art.


Follow us to Musandam, Omani peninsula where you board an ancient wooden boat to navigate the fjords, swim with fishes in the crystal clear water and see dolphins. Sleep on the beach and take a hike the next day or a jeep safari in the mountains to enjoy the breathtaking view….


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