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 / Dubai

It is agreed that Dubai is a marvel city. Indeed, worthy of writing! It is one of the most popular cities not only in the Middle East but in the world, where people wish to come and see in reality how this town been transformed itself into the world number one tourist’s destination!

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates which make up the country. It is not only famous tourists’ destination but a global city and a financial hub of the Middle East. Overall, Dubai is best known for its love of the highest skyscrapers, which brake Guinness records every single year.  But it has not always been like this. The city is a miracle in the desert because it is only the one which has been raised up from the dunes, just 40 years ago it was small village built on a Creek.
Although it was just an entire desert, throughout the years the United Arab Emirates have been earned the stripes – now it’s Modern city and the most popular destination in all over the world! Soon Dubai will host World Expo 2020!
High Season
November - March.
Currency used
Dirhams (AED)
Area (km2)
4,114 km2

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